Autoban Campus is a design office experiment which guided by the principles of a design school. The complex holds functions like studio, library, market, bookstore, cafeteria, and social area. Integrated spaces develop an organic relationship between disciplines while increasing creativity. The interior architectural system is concerned with design responses to transitional and nested spatial requirements.

Our design concept dwells on minimal additions on space to avoid complexity. The historical place has already got its characteristics and we aimed to keep every detail as simple as possible. Exploring experiential, spatial and cognitive qualities of the area guided our critical thinking of design decisions. We interested in material qualities, lighting systems, furnitures, and plan layout while developing spatial design responses. In addition to tangible quality, the new campus is meant to promote creative narratives among users.

Third floor - Studio entrance
Third floor - Private offices 
Third floor - Reading zone
Third floor - Social area
Ground Floor - Gallery
Ground Floor - Market 
Ground Floor - Structure Detail
Ground Floor - Bookstore
Team: Cagla Gurbay, Sefer Çağlar (Autoban | Partner), Zeynep Akten (Autoban | Design Coordinator)
Work: concept and design development, 3d modelling & visualisation
Date: 2015, August
Tools: Rhinoceros 5, Vray for Rhino 2.0, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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