The design approach of airport buildings must recognise their complexity in terms of functionality and their technical content. Therefore the concept design ensures solutions to the requirements of operators while offering flexibility for the future. A simple and coherent layout should provide the passengers with well defined routes of progression from landside to airside and vice versa. The proposed linear arrangement aims to minimise level changes, walking distances and to avoid passenger cross flows. The terminal is based on horizontal separation of departures and arrivals. Themodular design concept would allow a large proportion of the building componentsto be prefabricated resulting in a faster and more economical method ofconstruction. The design proposal aims to combine vernacular qualities in a freshand contemporary building with strong individual identity.
Company: GMW Mimarlık
Location: Manila, Philippines
Size: 120.000 m2
Responsibilities: Head of design, 3D modelling and production of photo-realistic renderings, and supervision of the design documents
Keywords: Airport design, efficiency, planning, human scale, wayfinding, terminal circulation, natural material, harmonious and sustainable
Tools: Rhinoceros, Revit, 3Ds Max, Vray
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